String Lights Cone Pendant Lights


A play of graceful light overhead, String Lights by Michael Anastassiades adds a streamlined sophistication to your home or office. Providing diffused light, the suspension lamp features a matte black varnished die-cast aluminum body coated with clear soft-touch varnish. The optical diffuser is opal PC (polycarbonate).

Inspiration behind the design: "Every time I take the train, I sit by the window and watch the series of perfectly parallel strings connecting the pylons, as we move at high speed,” explains designer Michael Anastassiades. “I love the way they divide the landscape and how spheres are occasionally beaded through the wires at random intervals. I also love how, in Mediterranean cultures, strings of lights are stretched between posts to mark an outdoor space for an evening party in a village square. And finally, I love how human ingenuity works around problems created by everyday things in the house (like switches and power points) that others have chosen to position where we don’t want them."


Suspension system options with Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable
Length: 12 meters (40 ft)
Length: 22 meters (72 ft)
Model Requirements - Important: Select the appropriate model combination when making your purchase: Needs to be connected to either a base or canopy.
Canopy: Hardwire wall/ceiling connection with canopy
Base: Plug-in base power supply with floor switch
Cone only: It would need to be connected to either a floor base or canopy.
String Lights should be connected to an on/off switch. The on/off switch is electronic with optical mechanism.
Dimming capability is only possible for electronics with an optical mechanism, and can be operated either via an app or by using the sensor on the luminare.
On/off and dimming capabilities can be controlled directly from switch or operated by means of Bluetooth Android and Apple remote control application.
Refer to the Installation Guide, under the Product Details tab on this page. Contact customer service team for more guidance.
This fixture should be relaxed and then re-tightened approximately 24-hours after installation.