SEPIA nonslip tray


Like looking into an old photo, SEPIA evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The square shaped handles of cups and the gently curving form of tumblers allow you a firm grip. The tray is elegant with thick handles made of solid wood, and there is coating on its surface that prevents items from slipping when serving. Items made of heat-resistant glass can be used for hot and cold drinks.The SEPIA nonslip tray is available in 2 sizes.

Product Dimensions14" x 7" | 17" x 8"

Products MaterialsTray body: Natural wood (walnut plywood, urethane coating) | Tray handle: Natural wood (walnut, urethane coating)

Care InstructionsDo not use in a dishwasher.Do not soak in water.Do not place near open flames.