SCS stacking mug 11oz


SCS stacking mugs show the clay base under the matte textured glaze. Their stackability make them ideal for daily use.Four color variations are available: White,Orange,Gray and Navy.

Product DimensionsH 3.6" x W 4.4" / 10.9 oz

Care InstructionsPorcelain / Microwave and dishwasher safe.Do not overheat in the microwave or heat without water.Wash with care.Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool.

Balance between usability and aesthetics.

Kinto values the balance between these two elements. Products with an ease of use is comforting to all the senses and lead to a growing fondness over time. A tableware with elegant presence blends naturally with the living space and adds color to daily life. Kinto aspires to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. This is why they continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious by the users. Kinto's products which will inspire and give fulfillment with every touch and use.

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