Quadric Rug - White - Floor Sample

$2,060.00 $895.00
Given the public's enthusiastic reaction to the chequered motif of his Paper Lamp large table lamp, René Barba quite naturally thought he would try using it on the larger surface of a rug. The white background/black motif of the light is echoed on the rug in its 'negative' form, with a black background and white motif.

- Hand tufted rug in 100 % wool (tufted background has 'shaved' finish; tufted white lines have 'looped' finish). The 2 colors (no. 1 for the background and no. 2 for the motif) are to be chosen from the 67 colors on the three pompom sample rings (see upholstery POS chapter). For rugs in the customer's choice of dimensions, the motif will run from the left-hand corner (of the basic design) up to the chosen dimensions.

- Hand woven kilim rug (80 % wool / 20 % cotton). The lines of the design are re-embroidered on the rug. The colors do not correspond to those of the pompom rings but the black is close to pompom no. 48 and the white to no. 28.