Planalto is a deep sofa with low back, rectilinear yet with an inviting curve of plushness. Engineered to be extremely comfortable, it retains an elegant, refined edge.

Matthew Hilton designs furniture to last a lifetime, choosing robust materials, and, working like a sculptor, applying a meticulous attention to detail for beauty from every angle.

Please note that the pricing on this page does not include the optional throw cushions.

De La Espada furniture is where the creativity of some of the world’s leading designers meets the highest level of European craftsmanship.

The brand focuses on the key pieces of furniture for the home:
A place to eat, rest, sleep and work.

Their dedicated solar-powered factory in Portugal is at the heart of our business. Specializing in solid wood, their expert craftspeople combine advanced technology with handcraft to create truly unique, meaningful objects. Each product is meticulously detailed and engineered to last a lifetime.

The De La Espada product range reflects the diversity of the collaborators as well as a unifying approach to materiality, craft, functionality, and longevity. From the designer to the craftsperson, there is pride in work well done, in rising to challenges and getting every detail right. De La Espada products are imbued with warmth and meaning brought by the hands that bear them.

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