Nebula - Pendant Lamp


In space, a nebula—made of dust—appears as a dark silhouette against luminous matter. In the world of Joris Laarman, it takes the shape of a brilliantly crafted suspension lamp, luminous all the same. The central body of the Nebula is die-cast aluminum, and it showcases 10 blown glass cones in various sizes. A bayonet-type of coupling system of the cones offers easy cleaning. There is a PC (polycarbonate) ceiling rose.

Please note: This fixture requires four additional 100W BT-15 halogen bulbs, included.

Inspiration behind the design: Joris Laarman is known for his experimental designs that utilize the latest technologies. The Nebula is a shining example of his unique style— named for an otherworldly cloud of space dust, it blends science and nature with remarkable results.