KAKOMI IH donabe


KAKOMI IH donabe can be used on gas, induction, or halogen cooktops. You can easily prepare a healthy dish by steaming ingredients using the steam plate. Without it, you can simmer and stew various pot dishes. Cleaning is easy as the potʼs water asorption rate is extremely low and it prevents odors from remaining. The design is suitable in both form and function for a modern, eclectic lifestyle.It is available in 40.8 oz and 85.0 oz sizes.Two color variations are available: White and Black.

Product DimensionsH 4.8" x W 10.4" / 40.8 oz | H 5.8" x W 12.6" / 85.0 oz

Pot: High heat-resistant ceramic | Lid,Steam plate: Ceramic

Care InstructionsPot: Induction heater, direct fire, halogen,heater, microwave, ceramic hob, and oven safe | Lid, Steam plate: Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.Wash with care. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool.