Gravel Rug


Description For Ivory and Grey Both Size(67x78,78x118):Looking to nature and its endless offerings, the Gravel Rug,designed by Nina Bruun for MENU, represents the values that make a house a home: warm, welcoming and comfortable. Crafted with care from natural wool fibres, up close its soft loops – alternating in size – evoke the feeling of walking on a pebbled beach, but from far away the surface of the rug appears to ripple like a cornfield swaying with the wind. The tactile surface is achieved using a technique whereby tonal wool yarns of varying sizes are looped into tufts. The natural material softens the rug’s overall expression, which will work in any context, from private homes to public spaces.

67x78(Ivory,Grey) Product Dimensions - H: 0.50", W: 66.92", L: 78.74"

78x118(Ivory,Grey) Product Dimensions - H: 0.50", W: 78.74", L:118.11"

67x78,78x118(Ivory,Grey) Product Materials - Wool, Cotton, 4200 GSM