Nova Sea - Recycled Plastic | Armrest | by Mater


Nova Sea Chair is characterized by its light elegant shape and metal frames, a sustainable chair reimagined in ocean plastic waste, supporting innovative solutions preventing pollution of the world’s oceans. The chair fits both private and commercial spaces and comes with and without armrests and upholstery

Nova Sea Chair supports the reduction of plastic waste thus contributing to the UN SDGs: “Responsible Consumption and Production” (SDG 12) protecting “Life below water” (SDG 14), supporting “Partnership for the Goals” (SDG 17) and “Climate Action” (SDG 13). Further the Nova Sea Chair is designed for disassembly, meaning that the design allows each component in its purest form to recycle into new production circles.

Item no. 09022

Material Shell: 
96% Recycled fishnets and recycled plastic

Steel, gun metal finish

Nova Sea Chair stacks perfectly in six (twelve on a chair trolley)


W: 55 cm D: 59 cm H: 80 cm Sh: 48 cm ArmH: 67 cm
/ W: 21” D: 19.3” H: 17.7” Sh: 17.7”