Cast Tea Heater


Encouraging a simpler way of life by sparking a newfound appreciation for the elements, the Cast Tea Heater uses fire to heat your brew, re-contextualising the traditional tea-making process with its fuss-free heating method. Taking inspiration from old cast iron elements on traditional gas stoves, the Cast Tea Heater has been simplified in shape with the gas being replaced by a tea light to keep the tea warm for as long as you wish. Made of powder-coated steel, the black textured surface and cross shape strikes a fine balance between contemporary design and nostalgia; its simplicity, in harmony with MENU’s deeper ethos to create products with an eternal appeal that endure the changing seasons. Designed by Norm Architects

Product Dimensions - H: 2.99", W: 5.75", L: 5.75"

Product Materials - Powder Coated Steel, EVA Foam