Cast Pendant


Cast Pendant takes inspiration from the traditional plumb weight – a weight hanging from a line used by masons and carpenters since Ancient Egypt to establish a true vertical. An honest light, Cast Pendant embodies MENU's philosophy of soft minimalism. Hang one lamp on its own or cluster several into an installation. The lamp is available in three variations, and a splitter allows for a variety of configurations. Cast Pendant is designed for both commercial and residential use.

Shape 1 Product Dimensions - H: 4.72", W: 4.72", L: 4.72", Cord: 154"

Shape 2 Product Dimensions - H: 3.94", W: 3.54", L: 3.54", Cord: 154"

Shape 3 Product Dimensions - H: 5.91", W: 2.76", L: 2.76", Cord: 154"

Shape 3 Available in Black and Aluminum