Androgyne Lounge Table 47x18 in


MENU’s Androgyne Collection is distinguished by its playful, yet elegant silhouette and considered combination of natural materials. The invention of the Copenhagen-based Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud, its blend of the masculine and feminine – true androgyny – is what lends the collection its name. Like a magnificent monument, the new Androgyne Dining Table pairs oak and stone to striking effect. The bold and confident take on a dining table amplifies the silhouette of the collection’s popular side table to grander proportions thanks to an elegant oak base – available in natural or dark stained – and a table top in corresponding wood or kunis breccia, an artistic blend of stones in warm tones that create subtle texture and add a new dimension to the design. A table not for the faint of heart, it makes a characterful accent in any space – from a domestic dining room to a modern restaurant or office gathering point – and serves multiple functions to bring a timeless quality to the design. “The Androgyne Collection has always been about honouring perfectly executed joinery and celebrating natural materials. The use of rich, warm oak makes it easy to pair the dining table with any interior style, and the wood will age gracefully over time. I envisage the table in a home space, as a natural gathering point that allows people to come together in different ways.” – Danielle Siggerud

Product Dimensions - H: 14.88", W: 47.24", L: 17.72"

Products Materials For Dark Stained Oak/Dark Stained Oak,Dark Stained Oak/Kunis Breccia - Dark Stained Oak, Powder-Coated Steel

Products Materials For Natural Oak/Kunis Breccia,Natural Oak/Natural Oak - Natural Oak Veneer, Powder-Coated Steel

Product Materials For Sand/Sand - Kunis Brescia, Brushed Brass, Powder Coated Steel

Product Materials For Walnut/Kunis Breccia,Walnut/Walnut - Oiled Walnut Oak, Kunis Breccia, Powder-Coated Steel