The name refers to Franco Albini and to his TN6 Cicognino, produced back in 1952. Albino features a metal structure on three legs, one of which protrudes above the support plane to hold an AC or battery-powered LED flashlight which may be freely positioned on the mounting metal frame with a magnet. The wooden tray may de detached from the structure, thus providing multiple utilization options.
Powder-coated metal structure. Removable tray made from MDF, fully lacquered or lacquered with walnut veneered top. LED torch that can be freely connected to the structure with neodymium magnet. Body of the torch made from high density expanded polyurethane, injection moulded and spray-painted. Protective cover of the torch made from powder-coated metal with aluminium plate containing the Class II circuit board (without earth pin). Torch powered by the mains or with AA Alkaline batteries (not included). 25 lux LED lighting with lens at 25° angle.

Tray: white lacquered, white with walnut veneered top, black lacquered, black with walnut veneered top
Structure and torch: white, black

cm 43x90 - 16.9”x 35.5”

Product Details: