Afteroom Chair Dining Frame+BackPlus/Wood/Oak/Natural


A beautifully minimal chair for everyday life, the Afteroom Chair takes inspiration from the philosophy of the Bauhaus school. A MENU bestseller since its launch in 2012, the chair is the work of Afteroom, a young Stockholm studio founded by rising-star designers Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei. The pair take the chair to another level with the introduction of Afteroom Chair Plus. Like the original, there is a reduction to essentials and stripping back of unnecessary components. The latest addition features a luxurious upholstered seat and backrest, and wider backrest. The result is a blissfully simple chair that embraces minimalism and clean lines with maximum comfort.

Product Dimensions - H: 30.71", W: 74.80", L: 27.56", SH : 15.9"

Product Materials - Oak Veneer, Plywood, CAL117 Foam, Leather