Cast Sconce Wall Lamp


What does it really mean for a design to be timeless? At MENU, we apply the term to concepts that carry archetypal weight, harking back to bygone eras and echoing familiar forms. At the same time, these designs’ simplicity makes them unquestionably modern. There is little ornamentation, and every element carries meaning and purpose. Such is the nature of the Cast Lighting Series. Chung and Murphy based the original cast aluminum pendant on age old plumb weights that masons and carpenters have been hanging from lines since ancient Egyptian times to establish a true vertical. Continuing the pendants’ graphic expression, the Cast Sconce Wall Lamp also incorporates new components to establish a distinct identity. So while it beautifully complements the Cast Pendants, the wall lamp also hangs comfortably on its own, bringing soft, glare-free light to living spaces, hotel rooms, or passage areas. The thoughtfully designed brushed brass vertical bar and mounting plate create an engaging form that naturally assimilates into the décor of any space. Like the Cast Pendants, the Cast Sconce Wall Lamp is designed for both commercial and residential use.

Socket G9 bi-pin

Voltage 120

Wattage: Max 40W

Cord: 157.5 in soft PVC

Wiring: Hard-Wired

Bulb: Included

Canopy kit: Included

Dimmer: Not Included.

Product Dimensions - H: 7.50", W: 4.72", L: 7.30", Cord: 78.7"

Product Materials - Cast Aluminum, Brushed Brass