45 ADJ LED - Outdoor Ground Lighting


Part of the 45 ADJ family, the 45 ADJ LED 1 features the collection’s sleek and streamlined design, offering direct or indirect light to illuminate your outdoor space. The body, head and cap are extruded anticorodal 6010 aluminum alloy with phospho chromed non-corrosive protection The reflector is die-cast 46100 aluminum with a surface finished with a vacuum aluminization process.

The diffusers are available in opal white or a transparent finish whenever high efficiency is required; the engineering plastics (PC or APEC) that are used to create the 45 ADJ LED 1 are injection-molded, UV-stabilized.

The mechanical joint has two die-cast 46100 aluminum alloy flanges with “yellow alodine” non-corrosive protection.

NOTE: This item requires separate purchase of a lens accessory. Lenses are available in Frosted (F0074071) or Clear (F0074000). Louver (F0056030) A lens accessory is also available. Please contact Customer Service for details.

Inspiration behind the design: When he created the 45 ADJ family, Tim Derhaag sought to use innovative materials to present outdoor lighting solutions that fit into their environment in a sleek and subtle way. I've always enjoyed primitive shapes for being unforgiving in the hands of the designer. The 45 outdoor light captures this rigid attitude, standing solitary in the jagged surroundings of the outdoors or respectfully hiding in the background in a modern architectural setting. It does have a surprise up its sleeve, by turning the head and aiming the light. Briefly snapping out of its original form before turning into a new one. This simplicity makes the 45 suitable for use on the floor, wall and ceiling.